What does "kikapu" mean?

Kikapu (pronounced kee-KAH-poo) means "basket" in Swahili.


Who makes your baskets and where are they made?

All of our baskets are made by hand by a small group of women from the Kikuyu ethnic community who live in Nyeri County in Central Kenya. You can find out more about how are baskets are made here.


What are the baskets made out of?

Most of the baskets in our store are made by weaving of strands of recycled plastic over a framework of sisal fiber. 


How big are Kikapu's baskets? 

Our baskets range in size from 10-13 inches in diameter and 10-13 inches deep.


What are these baskets used for?

In Central Kenya, these baskets are traditionally carrying and storing food, home furnishings, and for ceremonial purposes like weddings. You can use these baskets for anything you'd like. They make great decorations for your home and they are also highly functional for carrying items at places like the grocery store, in your garden, or at the farmer's market.


Is the word "kikapu" related to the word "Kickapoo"?

No, there is no relation between these words. "Kikapu" is a word native to the Swahili language of East Africa and is pronounced differently from "Kickapoo".