How Our Baskets Are Made

All of our baskets are made by hand by a small group of women from the Kikuyu ethnic community in Nyeri County, Kenya. 

By weaving colorful strands of recycled plastic through frameworks of sisal fiber, the women have found a modern, eco-friendly solution to preserving their traditional basket-making culture.This process results in one-of-kind designs where each basket is a unique work of functional art. In the Kikuyu culture, baskets are traditionally used for transporting crops from the field, storing goods in the home, carrying products at the market, or as symbolic gifts passed from one generation to the next in wedding ceremonies.When you purchase a basket from, you are helping these women keep their culture alive by extending their products to a wider, global market. Here at Kikapu Crafts LLC, we're excited to help bring a little piece of Africa into your life, and into your home. 

 Photos by Alex Kamweru